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Quality Assured.  We have invested over 15 years in the motocross industry. Having had the privilege to work with the most talented riders in the business, has allowed us to develop products that out-perform. With our company, special attention provides dependable high performance parts.


This site has a lot of information for KTM 50 and KTM 65 owners. KTM50 SXR from 1994 all the way up to KTM 50 Pro Junior & Pro Senior models and even the all new current KTM 50 SX and KTM65 SX models info and parts catalog are all here. Check out the KTM 50 high performance page and even the KTM50 mini and KTM50 Adventure 50cc has there own parts page. The most popular page has been the KTM 50 clutch info page because the 3 shoe clutch seems like it always needs adjusting, fine tuning or new clutch parts.


This site is dedicated to everything regarding Yamaha PW50 and Yamaha PW80. Customers can shop the PW 50 & 80 spare parts catalog, visit the PW forum and just view a lot of PW50 pictures, history and PW tech information.


Italian OEM engines and spare parts distributor. S5 S6 and AH50L complete engine or spare parts. Morini S5 engines were installed in KTM 50 SXR, Husky 50, Factory Bike, Conti, Macbor, Italjet Cobra PW3 and older Cobra King and Cobra CM, LEM 50, LEM R2, LEM R3, LEM Cayman, LEM condor, LEM CR2 LEM CR3, LEM LX2, LX3, and all LEM dirt bikes. World wide shipping from large 50cc spare part and Hi Performance catalog

Hi performance 60cc race engines for Martin & Slater bikes as well as all Pro Junior/ Pro Senior race bikes.  NMA Mod class legal for Super Pee Wee, 4-6 or 7-9 class. This a complete engine ready to bolt in your mini.
16+ horsepower and massive torque-  dyno tuned - CNC machined - Nikasil cylinder plating -porting mods by engine tuner with 20+ years of experience ND multi-time 50cc National and world titles.  
Every cylinder is bored to 60cc and diamond finished, the port edges are polished, the gasket surfaces are lapped on a surface plate, and the cylinder is thermal shock tested for Nikasil plating adhesion.  CNC machined hi-compression inner cylinder head. 

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